Editorial process

  1. Authors can submit their contributions to: reei@reei.org.

  2. Authors of Studies and Notes must submit three separate documents:

    1. Title page, including: the author’s name, brief professional information and contact details (email, phone number, postal address), and the title of the work.

    2. The original with no indication of the author’s name, including an abstract (150-200 words) and keywords (4-6) in Spanish and in English. The original must strictly meet the publishing guidelines, available at http://www.reei.org/lareei/normas-publicacion.ph, so that the format adjusts to papers previously published in the journal.

    3. An author’s statement that the work has not been published, and that no conflict of interest or plagiarism exists.

Periods of reception of works:

From February 1st to May 1st.

From 1 July to 1 November (August excluded)

Receipt of works received in these periods will be acknowledged within thirty days from the date of receipt (excluding August). The acknowledgement does not imply any decision regarding the evaluation process of the article or even whether the work qualifies for evaluation.

Publication criteria are determined by the scientific quality and interest of the works. The publication of Studies and Notes is subject to an external peer-review process. Papers that do not conform to the thematic areas of the Journal or do not reach, in a notorious way, the minimum level of scientific quality will be rejected without being submitted to the evaluation process.

Publication decisions will be based on two reports issued by subject matter experts appointed by the Editorial Board but not members thereof.

The review of the submitted works will assess the following aspects: relevance of the subject matter, argument structure and development, writing and style, methodology (including appropriateness of references), reach and potential impact, and compliance with the journal’s formal requirements.

Reviewers must indicate in their reports whether they recommend publication of the work without changes, whether changes are required before publication, or whether publication should be rejected. If the two initial reviewers do not reach a common position, a third external reviewer will be appointed.

The internal review system is a double-blind process, ensuring anonymity of authors and reviewers. Authors will be informed of the outcome of the review process.

  1. Based on the reports issued by external reviewers, authors will be informed of whether their contribution is accepted for publication. Any changes suggested by the reviewers will be communicated to the authors.

Upon acceptance of a paper, the author will be informed of the issue where it will appear. The Editorial Board reserves its right to postpone the publication of a contribution for a subsequent issue of the journal:

    1. If sufficient contributions were received prior to the postponed one.

    2. If deemed appropriate considering the topics or the consistency of the general contents of the relevant issue of the journal.

Any postponement of publication will be communicated in writing to the author, indicating the issue where the contribution will appear and the reasons for the decision.

List of reviewers of the Revista Electrónica de Estudios Internacionales (REEI) for 2020


The Revista Electrónica de Estudios Internacionales (REEI) is published by the Spanish Association of International Law and International Relations Professors (AEPDIRI)


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Publishing in the REEI

The REEI is open to specialized research works on public international law, private international law and international relations.

Publishing in the REEI

Journal indexed in:

Web of Science ESCI (Emerging Sources Citation Index), ERIHPlus (European Reference Index for the Humanities and the Social Sciences), MIAR (Matriz de Información para el Análisis de Revistas), DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals), PAIS INTERNATIONAL, LATINDEX CATÁLOGO v. 1.0 y v. 2.0, ULRICH'S, DULCINEA, CARHUS Plus+ 2018, DIALNET, VLEX, CIRC (Clasificación integrada de revistas jurídicas), ÍnDICEs-CSIC. In 2021 the Revista Electrónica de Estudios Internacionales has been accepted for inclusion in SCOPUS.


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